Donna Weisberg offers Western Dressage Clinics

Published March 8, 2012 on
Authored by Carroll Brown Arnold

Donna Weisberg Western Dressage ClinicsWestern Dressage is one of the newest crazes in the world of western horses. Horse enthusiasts and competitors in the equine industry are finding that Western Dressage shows the versatility of the horse with a training combination of traditional western riding and classical dressage techniques. Teaching a horse to be soft and supple at the request of the rider, Western Dressage is truly a combination of riding fundamentals for better discipline of both the horse and rider.

Four years ago, Palmer, Texas, trainer Donna Weisberg was introduced to legendary horseman Jack Brainard of Whitesboro. Brainard could be called the father of Western Dressage, and Weisberg believes his skills and techniques have built the foundation for successful western training known as Western Dressage. Last fall she met Eitan Beth-Halachmy, who also was a founder of the western horse utilizing dressage techniques and developer of what he calls Cowboy Dressage. Weisberg has spent time a great deal of time working with both Brainard and Beth-Halachmy where she works to perfect her skills as a Western Dressage clinician. She now offers Western Dressage classes and clinics year-round.

“Whatever discipline you ride, learning the Western Dressage methods will give you a better horse,” says Weisberg. “It is something anyone can do. It is just good horsemanship.”

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