Feeding Transitions in the Spring

by Julie Goodnight My horses claim about 10 of our 15 acres of land, which you’d think would be plenty for half a dozen horses. Our house, barns, arenas, offices, and a warehouse are squeezed into a corner of the property and the rest of the place is procured and manicured just for the horses. […]

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Tale of Two Hats – East Meets West

Two Hats

By Kristal Homoki I grew up riding Morgan horses, well known for being a versatile, multi-discipline horse. Because of that I rode quite a few different disciplines in my day from Western pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Hunt seat, Saddle seat, Gymkhana, trail riding and Classical Dressage. With riding all those different disciplines you have, of course, many […]

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Western Dressage Show Etiquette

By Heidi & Kelly Adams of Grass Roots Western Dressage Before the Show 1. Know the rules. The rulebook is so important to Western Dressage. It puts everyone on a level playing field and is very educational as well. Download it, Print it and Read it. If you have questions find a knowledgeable person to ask, […]

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The Legend of Shawn Makepeace

by Cindy Butler Everyone has wishes and dreams. A few people actually make their dreams come true. I admire anyone who sets a goal and works toward it with true determination, setting benchmarks, doing the hard stuff in little steps, for a LONG time until the goal is met. It’s hard enough to climb a […]

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Talking Hats

Cowboy Hats

By Cindy Butler from WDAMI Your Western (Cowboy) hat tells a story about you. All Western hats are not the same.  I tell my riding students, you can scrimp on your outfit and still be properly attired for a horse show, but buy a good hat!  The judge will know who you are from a […]

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