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And Here Comes The Working Jog

I have been listening to some of the questions and controversy surrounding Western Dressage. One common concern is that the Working Jog isn’t a true jog, it is a trot that isn’t a western gait. I think that the nay-sayers are worrying needlessly. Western Dressage is used to train and condition your horse, it doesn’t […]

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Notes From Julie: What’s the difference in bit-less and bridle-less riding?

Bitless or Bridle-less? To me, there’s a big difference. Often when I write about riding my horses bridle-less, people confuse it with the issue of riding bitless. To me, they are totally different subjects. At expos and clinics, I am often asked, “Is it okay for me to ride my horse bitless?” It is presumed […]

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Western Dressage Exercise – Bending Square

Western Dressage Jec Ballou

When a horse has a dominant side, and I’ve never met one that did not, he carries a majority of his weight in that respective front limb. This leads to him moving and performing with crookedness, with the dominant shoulder always leading his body. Lightness and correctly off-the-forehand movement will elude him unless this crookedness […]

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