Grass Roots Experience

Western Dressage Youth and Collegiate Invitational and Educational Seminar hosted by Ohio University Southern


By: Bradie Chapman Another milestone for the western dressage community happened on November 12, 2016 in the form of a Collegiate and Youth Invitational and Educational seminar. Ohio University Southern (OUS) hosted four colleges and one 4-h club with seven teams total for this event. Schools and clubs that were in attendance: Meredith Manor, Ohio […]

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Why Western Dressage in Australia

Why Western Dressage? – by Linda Shore, Australia I get asked many times why a rider and coach who has always competed and trained in conventional English Dressage, including competing successfully up to Grand Prix, would begin enthusiastically promoting, coaching and competing in western dressage. Now don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy training english/classical […]

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2015 USEF Horse of the Year – Playboys Boon with Misty Nichols

A lovely story from one of our adult amateur members. Meet Misty and her handsome paint gelding Opie. In just three short years, this determined duo went from their very first horse show to a 2015 USEF Horse of the Year Award! Three short years ago, I rode in my very first horse show. Yes, […]

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First Horse to Enroll in Lifetime Performance Program has a Great Story

The very first enrollment into the new WDAA Lifetime Performance & Points program is Tango, a Paint Gelding owned by Jessica Shier of Ortonville, Michigan. Please read her story below about how she came to own Tango and their journey into Western Dressage! In March of 2012 my first horse Robby passed away. With one […]

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My Riding Career Resumed

I once was an AQHA all-around trainer. That seems like a lifetime ago. I won’t say what is right or wrong, but that world had turned out not to be the best fit for me. I decided to make the jump over to dressage, leaving a successful career behind with a new educational journey to […]

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Success is Achieved not Received

Like many of us horse crazy people, horses have been a main frame in our lives almost forever. I remember riding as a child on horses my grandfather bought for my grandmother which she choose not to ride. I felt pretty successful each day I stayed on and did not come crashing to the ground. […]

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