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Winter TLC For Horses With Arthritis

Freezing temperatures and deep snow can be extremely problematic for horses with arthritic and mobility issues, according to Laurie Cerny, editor and publisher of “If a horse is mildly arthritic during the summer it could become unsound during the winter – especially with equine seniors,” Cerny said.  “Combine cold temperatures, dampness, and deep snow or […]

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What to Expect When Vaccinating Horses

Common Response or Cause for Concern? We know you love your horse and understand that vaccinations can help protect it from life-threatening diseases. But vaccines can come with side effects due to the immune stimulation they have to create. Most of these effects are mild and transient, but it’s important to be able to distinguish […]

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The Top Five Ways to Get Your Horse Ready for Spring Vaccines

It’s that time of year, again, when horse owners need to schedule their vaccines with their veterinarian.  Knowing which ones are necessary, and preparing for their administration is beneficial to everyone included: the horse, the vet, and the handler. “Don’t assume that because your horse has always been good for your vet, or has never […]

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Myofascial Acupuncture for Laminitis

Acupuncture for Laminitis Western Dressage Blog

How does placing acupuncture needles into trigger points help a laminitic horse? As you learned in last week’s blog, acupuncture works on many different levels in the body by influencing all levels of the nervous system. The most well documented mechanisms involve pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore regardless of the disease condition, if pain […]

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Introduction to Hoof Acupuncture

How does acupuncture work for horses feet? If you have a hand or foot problem that your doctor wants to treat with acupuncture, needles may be placed directly into your hands or feet. Since we cannot needle the horse’s foot directly, we place needles in various soft tissue locations that should influence foot physiology. I […]

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Understanding Duckett’s Balance Theories Part 2

Last month’s blog introduced Dave Duckett’s principles of hoof balance. This week I review and expand a few of those concepts. If you can grasp the basics of Duckett’s balance evaluation you will be equipped to evaluate your horse’s overall hoof balance. You will also be able to enjoy an informed discussion about it with […]

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