The Buckeye State joins the ranks of WDAA State Affiliates!

Ohio becomes the next WDAA State Affiliate and joins with several others who have recently become official since January 2013. Theirs has been a slightly longer process than most, but with the guidance and assistance of the WDAA support staff and Bob Harb, Affiliate Chair, Tina Krueger was able to get the job done. She likes several other affiliates had the help of her local trainers & community too.

Read her own story below…

WDAA Ohio State AffiliateI met an enthusiastic dressage trainer at Equine Affaire in Ohio a couple years ago.  I have a boarding barn and I was looking for a new barn manager.  I had a couple poor experiences with dressage trainers and was hesitant to even talk to another one –  never mind one who had worked at an Olympic barn in California. This is quarter horse country in the Midwest and I was not interested in hearing how my horses could not compare to Warmbloods, they are too downhill … blah, blah, blah.   However, DiDi Lund’s love of working with horses impressed me in spite of her breeches.   And what impressed me more was that instead of telling me what kind of horses I should own, she said there was a sport growing that would be a great fit for my western horses … and we started our journey with Western Dressage.

As our band of riders grew over the next year,  we started thinking about ways to attend a show.  I found the WDAA website, and contacted Neide Cooley about any Ohio contacts.  A few of us got together and committed to form an affiliate.  We found a couple schooling shows that would offer western dressage and in April 2012 we hit the road.   Meanwhile we completed the incorporation and by-law paperwork.  Then we hit the big financial challenge … the insurance.   Thanks to DiDi’s generosity in donating clinician time, we have coordinated several clinics to fund these costs.  Meanwhile, our officers have been spreading the Western Dressage word in Ohio through a variety of channels, the Ohio 4H is offering western dressage at the state fair next year,  and this year we have six schooling show series in Ohio that will hold Western Dressage classes!

A long year after starting our adventure, we are The WDAA Ohio Affiliate!  The resounding feedback  from our clinics is that moms like me enjoy their western tack, they enjoy improving the horse they have now, and they enjoy improving their own ability and confidence.   Our next goal is increasing our membership and hosting a Train the Trainer clinic in Ohio.  Our officers and core members are working toward showing in Tulsa this year and best of all, enjoying the journey!

Tina Krueger, President
Western Dressage Association of Ohio

You find our more about the new Ohio State Affiliate by visiting their Facebook page:

7 Responses to “The Buckeye State joins the ranks of WDAA State Affiliates!

  • Nancy
    5 years ago

    I am a member of WDAA and would like more info on our Ohio affiliate but I do not have Facebook. Is there a way for me to get this info without Facebook?


    • DMD-Admin
      5 years ago

      Hello Nancy, yes this certainly does pose a problem if you are not on Facebook. Because Facebook is free it is usually the easiest option for getting information out to the public/internet this way. You can email the officers of the WDA of Ohio at the following email addresses; Tina Krueger and Thallia Blight at These ladies will be more than happy to communicate with you about the Ohio Affiliate. Thanks for reaching out.

  • Bev. Van Pelt
    5 years ago

    My daughter is pictured in this article. It is a joy to me to see how excited she is with this program. Thank you for giving her this opportunity.

  • Deb Herbert
    5 years ago

    Congrats Ohio!!! It IS an exciting journey, good job on recruiting a core group to support the WDAA affiliate start up. We look forward to hearing about your adventures as you grow!
    Best regards,
    Deb Herbert
    WDAFL Pres.

  • Marie Dalton
    5 years ago

    Hi Tina! Great work! What a great job you have done. I amsoglad you have started the journey! Would love to be involved in any way that I can to help this wonderful growing sport/discipline in our area! ~ Marie

  • Oh, and one thing I forgot, please keep us posted on your trip to Oklahoma and if we can be of help on this end, please do not hesitate to call on us. It never hurts to have a contact on this end if you’re planning a trip of that magnitude. We will be happy to help with hotels, etc if needed. Cheers, Paula, WDAOK

  • Tina, and all of your Ohio band of enthusiasts!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome!! Trust me you won’t be sorry. What an amazing start up story and kudos to your amazingly open minded and forward thinking trainer AND her breeches! And we all know how important and what benefits there are to FORWARD don’t we??!! lol! We also had a rough go of it, and it was the insurance for us too, but thanks to an amazing “friend of WDAOK” we got it done. Now we just have to pay it back!! It sounds like you all are on the right roll, hope things continue to grow and flourish for you! The founding board of WDAOK welcomes you. Don’t be a stranger, call on us if we can help! Paula Walker,, Oklahoma