Are you helping your clients find their “Golden Ticket to Paradise”?

Written by Kelly & Heidi Adams who attended the WDANC – February 2014

Western Dressage is the MidLife Woman’s Golden Ticket to Paradise. Finally there is a discipline that understands and fulfills the need of Partnership and Equality. Where finally there is something and someplace that to Relax and Ask leads to the Ultimate Prize. A place where the only competition you participate in is with yourself and daily you can see massive improvement in all aspects of your life.

Believe it or not this is the World of Western Dressage and the best place to learn the nuances of this incredible discipline is at a Train the Trainers Clinic. Cliff and Frances truly understand the importance of making learning easy with great ideas for lesson plans and exercises. The whole weekend is interactive to help each participant learn and grow within the discipline helping to set the right mindset in the beginning right through to making sure that everyone understands the judging process so that each of their clients is set up to win in their lives.

We recommend this opportunity very highly to any trainer that truly wants to help their clients excel in this incredible discipline and change the lives of people of all ages and disciplines. We have had reiners, barrel racers, trail riders and gaited horse owners attend our clinics. Each and everyone has finished the weekend with a whole new understanding of their horse and the importance of Relaxing in the saddle.

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