Arabian Western Dressage on the East Coast


Maggie Jaronski & Kasey

When Western Dressage starting to get big, it was a dream come true for me. My horse, Kasey, was originally a western horse, but I loved dressage. I rode him in classical dressage with some success for 9 years, but my successes and enjoyment level has increased over the last 2 years as Western Dressage is an ideal match for both him and me.

After only a year of training, I traveled from Virginia to the 2014 WDAA world show. I did manage to get one top ten, but everything I learned from watching all the great experienced horses there really helped me to figure out what I needed to work on. That experience was priceless, and made me sure that Western Dressage was the correct choice for me.

I trained hard over the next year, and showed often. The turnout for Western Dressage in my area was very low, and I was mostly competing against myself. My horse is a purebred Arabian, and I often show at our big Breed shows. I signed up for our 2015 Arabian East Coast Championship show, and the Western Dressage turnout was great in comparison to one year before. I competed in Basic Level test 4 and Level 1 test 4 and won East Coast Champion in both divisions! It is so great to see Western Dressage starting to get bigger on the East Coast, and catching on big in the Arabian World.

Submitted by Maggie Jaronski on 08/05/2015

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