Always up for learning something new…

Written by Nicole Chastain Price who attended the CAWDA – October 2014

it is a great opportunity to meet a variety of people from different “horsey” backgrounds and learn from their collective experiences. This new sport is full of people coming to it from differnt disciplines, breeds and varied show expereinces and it was great way to not only learn about the sport from the WDAA instructors but from the point of view of the people who are making up the competitors, coaches and judges. The instructors were professional and engaging and did a good job of presenting a lot of material over the two days- really they needed three! The demo rides were helpful to see in “real life” -varied examples of the different types of horses at different levels.
As this is such a new sport I am sure the materials and information will change a bit in the future but I thought the clinic did a goood job of giving the trainers resources to get started as well as to further explore. I would have loved to see more demos on video but I know that will be coming shortly as their library expands with footage from various shows and breeds.
Many thanks to the WDAA, CWDA, Cliff, Frances and Dee for all they did to bring this to California.

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