Submit Your Calendar Event

Members of Western Dressage Association of America may post events on its Events Calendar.

These events must be Western Dressage-related events and may include clinics, shows, trail rides, or social events, such as meetings.

NOTE: Events submitted to WDAA for this calendar as a cc or bcc of an email to an affiliate for their calendar will not transmit to us correctly.


  • Clinics should be Western Dressage clinics or any clinic that offers education on Western Dressage.
  • Clinics are highlighted with brown background


  • All shows that include a Western Dressage division may be included on the calendar.
  •  Only shows that have been submitted with fees paid to WDAA for recognitions should be entered as a WDAA Recognized Show
  • WDAA recognized shows are highlighted with blue background

Trail Rides

  • Trail rides should be sponsored by Western Dressage Association State Affiliates as part of their organization’s activities


  • Meetings of the Western Dressage Association State Affiliates may be listed.
  • Meetings are highlighted with green background