A New Western Dressage Journey Begins in Michigan

Today, in Michigan, the sun is shining and the temperatures are in double digits.  Today, in Michigan, we begin our journey with Western Dressage Association® of America.  I am excited, happy and proud!



Carol Baldwin – President

In November of 2013, I called Sue Hughes, a trainer and judge.  Sue had attended the WDAA Train The Trainers™ clinic in Ohio.  Our conversation centered around horses and our experiences with them.  Then we moved on to talk about her experience at the WDAA Train The Trainers™ clinic.  Excited about the opportunities Western Dressage could offer, I asked if she would be interested in helping put together the Michigan Affiliate.  She said, “Sure!”   From that day forward, there was no turning back.  I came to memorize Sue’s phone number, immediately recognize her voice on the phone and quickly identify her writing.  We spent time talking about others we wanted to bring on board this WDAMI train.  Before we knew it, we had a core group of 8 wonderful, hardworking individuals willing to put in the time it would take to get the Michigan affiliate off the ground.


Oh my…the paperwork!!   Our delightful friend, Sue Conboy, helped us write the Articles of Incorporation and the WDAMI Bylaws, review all of the forms, review the affiliate agreement and anything else that had a “legal aura” around it.   We will be forever in her debt as she devoted hours to helping us best prepare for our nonprofit incorporation in the state of Michigan.  Our treasurer’s former boss, Lewis D. Crusoe, sat with us answering question after question about the 501 c 3 status, reviewing our bylaws, helping us file our paperwork with the state of Michigan, explaining how we would file taxes, etc.   Again, we will be forever in his debt as well.

Rachel Leigh Ory

Rachel Leigh Ory

By the beginning of January, we had a board.  Jill Robiadek from Cheboygan, Michigan;  Rachel Leigh Ory from Harbor Springs, Michigan;  Violet O’Dell from North Street , Michigan;  Dorothy Mueller from Leonard, Michigan;  Diane Kaser from Beulah , Michigan;  Sue Hughes from Plymouth, Michigan; Rachel Belcher from White Cloud, Michigan;  and me, Carol Baldwin from Wolverine, Michigan.    Our team is talented and energetic.  We cannot wait to bring Western Dressage to folks throughout this great state!

Our debut as an official Affiliate is taking place on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Michigan State University Horse and Stallion Expo in East Lansing, Michigan.  Rachel Leigh Ory and her registered quarter horse money earner, Yankee Pistol Pete, will be demonstrating Western Dressage techniques for the Expo audience on Saturday evening.

Our first clinic is scheduled for May 16-18, 2014.  Our clinician is JEC BALLOU!!  How awesome is that?  The clinic is being held at the Rising Hope Riding Center in Harbor Springs.  Our second clinic is featuring PETER CAMPBELL!!  Yes….PETER CAMPBELL!!   A well know horseman, Peter will be teaching the riding techniques needed to lay a solid foundation for Western Dressage and all other forms of riding.  This clinic is being held at the Cheboygan County Fairgrounds on July 11-14.

Plus, as of right now Michigan has 6 Western Dressage shows scheduled for the summer of 2014!!
Check out the
WDAA Online Calendar for more details!

Yes, things are happening in Michigan and I must say none of this would have been possible without the dedication and support of the WDAMI Board.  This Board is overflowing with talent and motivation.  Michigan is blessed to have such a dynamic team!

Visit their Facebook page for more information about the Western Dressage Association® of Michigan

3 Responses to “A New Western Dressage Journey Begins in Michigan

  • Kris Blacklock
    4 years ago

    I would LOVE to chat with a founding board member of the WDA MI Affiliate. Very interested in starting a WDA of WI. Who is willing to help? Please contact me at 608-370-4629 or email blacklockk@yahoo.com

    Thank YOU!

    • DMD-Admin
      4 years ago

      Kris, you realize these comments only come to us here at WDAA, right? if you want to speak with WDAMI people, you should visit their Facebook page (link in the article) or their website. http://www.wdami.org

  • Sue Conboy
    4 years ago

    Kudos to Carol Baldwin! Your enthusiasm and willingness to take the lead made WDAMI a reality!