2017 World Show Top Rides

Check out what we’ve done this time!!! WDAA has gained permission from the top scoring riders to post their 2017 World Championship Show rides on our WDAA YouTube page. This is a great way for folks all around the world to see how the best of the best ride Western Dressage!

Click here to see the 2017 Western Dressage World Championship Show, Top Score Rides.

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All videos produced by IDKMedia. If your top score ride is missing from this site, please contact WDAA and grant permission for us to post your ride.

Intro Test 1 Physically Challenged/Heros on Horses, Shawn Makepeace and # 155 Mosly a Rose 75.909
Intro Test 3 Terri Ross and #10 Zips Bit of Luck 70.7415

Basic Test 3 Glynis Walford and #152 Bonita Lights 75.75
Gaited Horse Basic Test 4 Julie Haugen and #171 Classic Royal Pride 72.80

Level 1 Test 1 Ann Marie Moznett-Avansino and #89 Legends Gun Smoke 73.889
Level 1 Test 4 Marilyn Weber and #100 Shenanigans Too+++// 74.808

Level 2 Test 1 Nancy Conley and #96 Truly Unsurpassed 74.808
Level 2 Test 3 Joann Williams and #124 Gallod Ffantastic 75.167
Level 2 Test 4 Joann Williams and #124 Gallod Ffantastic 74.032

Level 3 Test 2 Frances Carbonnel and #125 Esteban B 73.281
Level 3 Test 3 Joann Williams and #124 Gallod Ffantastic 75.33
Level 3 Test 4 Joann Williams and #124 Gallod Ffantastic 76.935

Freestyle Test of Choice Level 3 Frances Carbonnel and # 125 Estaban B 79.886
Costume Freestyle Test of Choice Level 3 Donna Richardson and #51 Veloz de Quintana 77.841

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