2016 Rule Changes for Western Dressage

A new competition season is underway! At least in the parts of the country where winter is not limiting our riding. As a USEF Recognized National Affiliate, WDAA has rules for our discipline that are the same as those published by USEF. If you go to https://www.usef.org/documents/ruleBook/2016/30-WD.pdf, you will see the current rules for our discipline.

At its upcoming Annual Meeting, the USEF Board of Directors will review a number of rule change proposals for all of its breeds and disciplines, Western Dressage among them. When these proposals are approved by the board, they will take effect during the 2016 competition year. Some will take effect on 4/1/2016 and others will take effect on 12/1/2016. WDAA will post reminders on our website of any rule changes to alert our members.

If you have contacted WDAA to request a printed copy of the Western Dressage Rules, we are delighted to send you a copy but please remember that some rules may change on 4/1/2016 and others will change on 12/1/2016. Check back with the www.westerndressgeassociation.org website to stay up to date. Happy riding!

Current Proposed Rule Changes for 2016 (scroll to end for the Western Dressage division)

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